Freedom Writers II

I leave behind words to carry on when am no longer here to write.

Ensure they are a close representation of the people’s plight.

If any wrong depiction from my side, just slight.

In keeping true to the word, ensure everything I say is well expressed.

Their intent to victimize the people must be suppressed.

My will is to motivate my readers with enough to keep them hoping, never depressed.

That’s why I take time to ensure all their concerns are well addressed.

And when I am finally gone in my manuscripts may I be dressed.

Quick relief 

A quick relief to my stresses.

First time I felt my senses.

No longer common like exes.

Met her and she resurrected the soul.

Danced with her to some j.cole.

Wet dreaming to her crooked smile.

From a mile taught me to love yours.

Her presence, a reminder of the true us.


I want to be the one you dream of when you wake up

The one you hunger for after a good meal

The one who quenches your insatiable thirst

The one you hold close at heart

If you were perfect than you already are you wouldn’t be real

Magic show 

I love this magic show going on between us

You walk into a room and immediately it becomes beautiful

And whenever I look at you, everyone else disappears

So does my pain and despair as you add up all the fractions

Replacing our hearts traction with attraction


Let’s spend less time staring at our screens

Spend more time cooking and tongue kissing

Giggling and play fighting under covers

Cuddling and filling each other’s lives with memories of lovers


Searching for the right words to say.

Hoping they will forever make you stay.

In my heart you will never leave, in my soul you have been impressed.

A gallery filled with souvenirs of us, and you the main attraction.

Together face the sun and at night indulge in passion.

Rendezvous under the bright night stars.

Get lost in the moment, let go and go too far.

Light each others dreams and be at par.

Your presence like the soft ocean breeze on my face.

Revitalize my heart when am lost in between time and space.

The answer to all my questions.

Sit back and listen to my confession.

Save this moment that I wrap my arm’s around you.

Keep you warm and say I love you.


I stood love stung, adoring her.
Couldn’t help but marvel at her.
The intricate nature of her character.
Oblivious of my intent to connect with her.
Whether it was her majestic hair.
Or her pair of dark browns, or the smile that was never rare.
Watching her was like watching a waterfall; thrilling and mysterious.
Cascading thoughts of us.

In awe I stood, adoring us.
Nothing could dampen the spirit I put in this verse.
Thus I took her and proudly planted her in my heart.
Watched us blossom out of our chrysalis.
Day after day admired how we were curled to perfection.
Her bubbly character and strong personality such a turn on.

Standing on a cobbled pathway, adoring her.
Her charm hypnotizing, her velveteen cheeks luminescent and innocently pretty.
Her heart groomed with care and love in plenty.
I pull her close, whisper to her softly.
What I say is just between us two.
Just want you to know, I stood love stung and I love the things you do.


You walk in and fill the room with sweet sensation.

Diverting bits of information.

Enveloping the mind where logic dwells.

Eclipsing sights, sounds and smells.

Showering me with tactile pleasure.

Pushing me against the wall beyond a measure….

Of reasonable doubt that soon I sense.

Leaving me searching for words to express this feeling, intense.

Where I wake up and the 1st person in mind is you.

Where I pray for shorter nights so that I can get to see you.

In the daylight whisper sweet nothings that you smile to.

Enjoy each others presence because you are my boo.

Woo you with songs of a million stars and you are the one who shines brightest, I can’t deny….

The way your fingers fit perfectly between the spaces created by mine.

This feeling a risk worth taking as I sought you out.

Embrace your presence culminating into my wishful thinking.

Your sweet smile compliment my cheeky smiling.

This obsession turning into my kryptonite.

Just because you made me believe I was superman, for a night.